Beauty Salon For Muslimah Entrir-Yoyogiuehara
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「Entrir」It is an entrance of healing.
How do you feel the time when you stay in the salon?
You expect to find changed yourself beautifully, but you need long time for it there. You feel various stresses too.
Entrir aims the salon that reduces stresses as much as possible.
We pay attention to anything that we look and feel for customers and think carefully of that customers have a comfortable time in salon.
We always think about new menu that is gentle for customer’s hair and mind.
This relaxation is that you’ve never felt it.
Please realize the comfort of Entrir.

 Entrir’s 6 important things for relaxation

1. We lead you to your favourite image that you want to be with ipad. It’s first in the world.

Have you ever thought “I can’t tell well my image.” or “I want to change my hairstyle, but the staff does not suggest about it.”
We lead customer’s thinking to the style in season for the customer with ipad.

2. Great shampoo service

It has a good reputation for comfort and exhilaration feeling that you can’t feel in other shops.
Because we plus pressing 10 pots to the treatment of shampoo.
We use the best shampoo that is selected from 5kinds of original organic shampoo treatments for the customer.

3. Professional massage service

Many customers said “the bad stiff shoulder was cured by 5min chinese Lymph pot massage”
“Is this the massage in beauty salon?”
The customers who come to shop with expecting this massage are increasing.

4. We tell ending time for relief of customer

We must tell the ending time of the treatment, because customer makes the schedule easily for meeting with someone or outing for something.

5. Before counselling we tell amount for it.

If you think “I received various counselling. Is the amount of them all right?”
Sometimes you feel that it is difficult to ask about the amount.
Then at the first counselling time, we tell amount to the customer.
Not to worry about it.

6. Thorough follow-up services

Do you have experience that you are beautiful in beauty salon, but you can’t set it well in your house.
We put into operation the follow-up service of free shampoo, blow within 2weeks for all customers who wish it. (We tell the customer how to blow the hair and point of it in home with showing blow.)

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