Beauty Salon For Muslimah Entrir-Yoyogiuehara
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For muslima Beauty Salon Entrir-Yoyogiuehara shop Using halal-conscious shampoo, hair products, etc.Female staffs only.Chartered comfortable space, so no need to worry of being seen from outside.
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Prayer place is available


『Beauty Salon for Muslimah Entrir-Yoyogiuehara』
is by reservation only.
Only Tuesday.


Beauty Salon for Muslimah Entrir-Yoyogiuehara is inYoyogiuehara. It is 4minutes walk from the east existence of Yoyogiuehara station of Odakyu line or Chiyoda line.
It is very popular with courteous treat and relax and comfortable space.
There is [Healing head spa] which is anti-aging,
And [Raw treatment ]has a good reputation. There are beauty, peace of mind and safety with them.
Please try them at Entrir-Yoyogiuehara.

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